Long Sleeve/ Long Leg All-in-One (SWIMWEAR SUIT ONLY)

375.95 SAR

SKU: HOL-917

• 100% Water Resistant
• 100% Chlorine Resistant
• 100% Sea Salt Resistant
• UPF+50 Sun Protection
• Shape Retention

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Our Award winning swimwear range for swim and surf. Enjoy the sea with our stunning long sleeve and full leg new all in one all cover swimwear, featuring vibrant print covering the arms, upper chest and back . Made for all your beach adventures, the all-in-one suit includes a front zip opening. Offering full coverage across the chest, back, arms and legs, it’s great for long days on and off the board. Our superior fabric offers superb colour performance, so you can enjoy our vibrant print for longer. Gives you UPF+50 protection. Add our swimwear skirt to give you even more coverage and modesty. (sold seperatley)



• Round neckline
• Half Zip front
• 100% water resistant- keeps swimwear light in water and protects modesty when stepping out of water
• UPF50+ sun protection – giving you sun protection when in hot environments
• 100% chlorine resistant- Higher chlorine resistance than most swimwear fabrics – fits like new for longer
• 100% sea salt resistant – protects your swimwear against the damaging effects of sea salt making your swimwear look and feel new for much longer
• Only requires hand rinse washing or Machine washable at 20º
• Snug fit — coverage from neck to waist
• Floral detail at the upper front, back and sleeves
• Shape retention – fabric stretches so you can enjoy your swim without feeling restricted
• Over Wrap Skirt and Hijab (sold separately)

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